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Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM)

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  • New Resources

    Browse through the new resources that have arrived in Lutheran Tract Mission.

    New Resources
  • Family Devotions

    Tract Mission has developed 12 different devotionals to help families grow in their relationships with God and each other. Try one for 4 weeks!

    Family Devotions
  • Add a Digital Spinner to your website

    Enhance your ministry through displaying any of our tracts on your website. These can be updated at any time for any season or event. Share God's message in a different way!

    Digital Spinner
  • New Mission-Edge Tracts

    These tracts have been specifically written by a group in the LCA for the 20-40 year olds who are unchurched or disenfranchised with the church. They are edgy!

    Mission-Edge Tracts
  • Make a donation

    Donations are always gratefully received and enable us to continue to develop and print new resources.

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  • Send an eTract

    Every tract can be sent as an email to anyone for free and you are able to also write a personal message. Send someone an eTract today!

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