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Here are examples of our exciting widgets that can be placed on any website.

LTM widgets can add colour and encouragement to individuals as they visit your website.

Our widget allows the viewer to read the tract including a bible verse or encouraging messages as they rotate. Viewers can then even order hard copies of the tract if they wish through the LTM website.

We can design widgets using any of the LTM resources. Have a look through the LTM resources to choose which ones are applicable for your mission or ministry. Alternatively, you can leave it to the LTM staff to choose appropriately for you. You can also choose a category or seasonal tracts ie Christmas, Easter. Your tracts can be updated at any time by LTM.

Simply contact LTM and we send you a link that can be placed on your website in a sidebar or a main page or frame (you may need some help with this).

The widgets remain the property of LTM and are not to be used in any way other than that for which it was designed. LTM reserves the right to disable a widget at any time.

Check out these websites which will give you live examples: