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Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM)

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  • 2023 Advent Downloadable Devotional

    Read through the Advent season from 3rd December to 6th January. Copy for your congregation or family or use as a flip book on your device. Experience Jesus with your family.

    Advent Devotional
  • Nativity Stand up Set

    Stand up this little nativity on your table or bench. Press out the pieces, slide them together and make a lovely nativity for children to play with or just display. Only $2 donation.
    Check out the Additional Characters Part B - 40019

    Nativity Stand up
  • New Mission-Edge Tracts

    These tracts have been specifically written by a group in the LCA for the 20-40 year olds who are unchurched or disenfranchised with the church. They are edgy!

    Mission-Edge Tracts
  • Advent Resources

    Advent is a time to get ready for the coming of the baby Jesus. What could you do to get yourself and your home ready? Have a look through the range of Advent materials to help you.

    Advent Resources
  • Make a donation

    Donations are always gratefully received and enable us to continue to develop and print new resources.

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  • Send an eTract

    Every tract can be sent as an email to anyone for free and you are able to also write a personal message. Send someone an eTract today!

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